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Reasons Why Stumps Have to Go

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If you just had a tree removed, then there’s still one thing that remains after it has gone away – the stump. A tree stump is tempting to keep there, given the fact that you have to pay for yet another service to have it removed.

You can contact any tree expert and they’ll gladly get that job done for you. Whoever you hire to do the job, there’s only one thing that you have to remember. Stumps have no place in your garden because they propose more harm than good. If you need to get rid of a stump, it’s best that you hire an expert in Carroll stump removal.

Why You have to Remove Tree Stumps

Tree stumps are not necessary for any lawn because of the three major reasons listed below. Surely, there are more. But if you want to know more about the disadvantages of keeping that stump, read on. After going through the list, you’ll be calling a tree service provider to take it away.

1. Stumps are dangerous.

Stumps are accidents waiting to happen. Those accidents will also keep on happening for as long as the stump is still there. A stump is a trip hazard. You might be walking around your property, forgetting where the stump was and you tripped and fell. Guess what happens after that? You’ll be taken to the hospital to be assessed for injuries. You’ll be lucky if you didn’t sustain any. But you could the next time around.

2. Stumps invite pests.

Pests move and migrate all the time. If they’re looking for a new home, a stump is one of their favorites. Just image keeping a stump on your property where all sorts of pests live. These pests will eventually get into your home and you’ll have to chase them away. But with the stump right there, that’s not going to happen.

3. Stumps may cause new plants and trees to grow again.

It’s not unlikely to see small growths on the stump. If you ignore it longer, then you might be surprised that there’s a small tree growing right off it. That means you have another tree to cut, right? Tree stumps are not nice to look at, with or without those new growths over it. If you have removed the tree because you want to improve the aesthetics of your lawn, then you must remove that stump as well to complete the effect.

The most difficult part of tree removal is over as stump removal is a bit easier. Removing trees is a major decision and you need an arborist to help you with that. Stump removal is different. It doesn’t require a major decision. You just have to remove it because that’ the best route to take.

If you have a stump on your lawn, you have to remove it as soon as possible. Keeping it there longer is like putting you at a higher risk injuries and pest infestation. It also means that your lawn is not going to look as good as you want it to.

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